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Hear today. Gone tomorrow. Protecting your hearing.

Give your feet ‘toe’tal protection. Wear steel cap safety boots.

No smoking, unless you are on fire.

Health and safety. Love it or loathe it (like the majority of us), we all come across it. From schools to offices, from hotels to shops, it’s something we all legally have to abide by. Although most health and safety rules are important and highly beneficial to our well-being, there are some, well, quite a lot of rules and bans that one would call ridiculous.


Royal Wedding street parties banned as the bunting was too low to allow fire engines to get through.

Let’s go back in time to April 2011, a time where the kingdom united and shared patriotism and celebrations for the latest royal wedding. As Brits we health and safetylove to celebrate, any chance we get, we’ll gladly take. But this of course was a major event, so to match the level of importance, we made sure our celebration efforts were major too. Street parties… Tables joined together, lots of food and drink and a paradise for lovers of the colours red, white and blue.

What is life if someone doesn’t put an end to our fun?! Royal Wedding street parties are now completely banned. Not bunting alone, not certain regulations for bunting to allow fire engines to get through, but royal wedding street parties in general.

It could be seen as a good idea because how would a fire engine get through with a mile long table covering the road? But no, blame it on a few triangles on a bit of string.


Flip flops being banned from the work offices.

Flip flops. Having a love hate relationship with your feet; letting them breathe fresh air, but giving them a little smack every time you step (letting health and safetythem know who’s boss).

They must be banned to stop the flip flopping sound from driving your colleagues insane, right?

There are obvious health risks that come with wearing flip flops at work, the main one being: Toxic cheese-like odours being emitted into the air, causing colleagues to fall unconscious to the ground. But to be fair, flip flops leave your feet vulnerable to almost everything, hence why shoes are preferred for the satisfaction that no one can see your toes and the added protection.

I think we should be allowed to wear any footwear in the office unless safety footwear is necessary. We should get to make the choice as it would be at our own risk, just make us sign a waiver form on our inductions and let us flip flop away!


Rubbish collectors banned by the Council from wearing Santa hats in case they distracted other road users. –

This is absolute garbage! (No pun intended).

Waking up early hours of the morning to take away things we call ‘rubbish’ these men and women in Colchester have a new operational manager, Ebenezer and safety

“Most of us used to put a Santa hat on in the week running up to Christmas to spread festive joy and cheer the kids up.”

“He has banned us from wearing anything to do with Christmas.”

“Other working people can take part in Christmas by wearing festive hats, so why can’t we?”

“We can’t even have a Christmas card sitting on the dash!”

They say the ban is in place to stop distracting road users. Personally if you get distracted (to a point where your driving is effected), by a bin man in a red and white hat, I suggest you re-think whether you should be on the road or not.

Refuse collectors work hard, doing a job that is looked down upon, but if there were no one taking away our rubbish, I’m sure there would be an uproar leading to a downward spiral of our country. I’m sure no one would complain about being distracted by workers showing a little Christmas spirit. Who gave Scrooge this job? It has to be The Grinch himself.




A lot more ridiculous health and safety rulings are out there. I’ll let you find out some for yourself!

As a fire safety company, we work extremely hard every day to save lives from fire before they need saving and we actively promote health and safety!  It is so important to be safe and there are so many injuries in the workplace that can be avoided through strong H & S.

But when silly rules are made, it takes our minds off the important health and safety rules. We should focus our time on enforcing health and safety rulings that actually matter, like PPE being compulsory in workplaces that require it and ensuring equipment is safe to use.


Thanks for reading. By Joel Clarke – Social Media & Digital Marketing.

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