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Fire Safety Managers Ltd made a strategic decision in the early days of the business that the only way to progress the business was to make a commitment to Quality and Customer Service whilst ensuring our charges are competitive and giving Good Value for Money.  This resulted in a Quality Management System that very often implemented more that the BS ISO 9001 standard requested.

Recently the demands of our Customers have escalated dramatically and Customers are looking for a measure of reliability, consistency and commitment to Quality Service.

Achieve sustained and profitable growth by providing a Customer Service which consistently satisfies and if possible exceeds the needs and expectations of the Customer.  Achieving Quality through a system of Operating Procedures that identify the process, competency and ability of all staff to provide the Customer Service we as a company strive to provide.

We as a business can only achieve the high standard of Customer Service through the commitment of our staff therefore we invest time and money to ensure that all staff are fully trained and are individually responsible for the quality of their own activities.  Top management continually monitor the Company’s performance and provide their own commitment and experience to support all staff creating a desire to serve the Customer better.

Fire Safety Managers Ltd are mindful that Customer Service is a very competitive field of operation and sometimes the only way to be in front of other companies is to go that extra mile and offer that little bit extra when it comes to Customer Service.  Together with our Quality Policies and Operating Procedures the following Quality Objectives are Fire Safety Managers Limited’s commitment in providing Excellent Customer Service: –

  • To maintain an effective and measurable Quality Management System complying with EN ISO 9001.
  • Each individual within the company is to have the desire and willingness to serve the Customer.
  • To provide Customer Service so efficiently and effectively that Customers keep coming back.
  • To achieve and maintain a level of Customer Service that enhances the Company’s reputation throughout the Fire Safety Industry.
  • To ensure compliance with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements including Information Security and protecting Customer Details and Sensitive Data.
  • To reduce genuine Customer Complaints and record these on a timely & consistent basis.
  • To effectively review the performance of our Supplier and Sub Contractors on a timely and consistent basis and implement corrective action where necessary.
  • To continue to enhance the competency of all staff via our defined training requirements and training programme.
  • To meet Customer expectations on every breakdown activity.
  • To service planned maintenance within the times specified.
  • To achieve direct contact with every existing Customer on an annual basis.
  • To record, review, measure and analyse all Non Conforming activity relating to Customer Service.
  • To hold Management Review Meetings where the quality policies and objectives are reviewed and measured as to the Company’s performance.

We are fully committed to providing our customers with a first class service with a pricing strategy that will give them Value for Money and meet their ever changing financial budgets.


Signed:    P Hughes        28th January 2015

              Managing Director