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Servicing of Emergency Lighting is in Accordance with – 

British Standards 5266-8:2004 (BS EN 50172:2004) Emergency Escape Lighting Systems

British Standards 5266-1:2005 Emergency Lighting – Part 1 – Code of Practice for Emergency Lighting of premises



There are two types of Emergency lighting –

  • Maintained – which are on
 all the time, or
  • Non-Maintained – which are normally off 
and only operates when the normal lighting fails

Emergency lights should operate in practice for at least three hours. They are manufactured to provide you with some emergency lighting within the premises during a power failure within emergency situation such as a fire.

Whatever type of emergency lighting you already have in place, Fire Safety Managers Ltd will provide a maintenance plan to suit your requirements and your budget.

All our work complies to the above British Standards and Codes of Practices.

Become a contract customer and we will provide you with a 24/7 – 365 days a year call-out service.


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