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Would you and your family know what to do if you had a fire in your home at night?

It can be difficult to think clearly in an emergency. Having and practicing an escape plan will help you act quickly if there is a fire in your home, one day it could save your life.

Follow the tips below and make a fire escape plan today.escape plan

Make and practice

  • When making your escape plan involve everyone who lives in your home, including lodgers
  • When you have made your plan make sure everyone understands it
  • Practice your plan with everyone in your household
  • Remind everyone of what to do on a regular basis in the event of a fire
  • You could put up a reminder of what to do in a fire somewhere where it will be seen regularly
  • If you have children you could put your address by the phone so that children can read it out to the emergency services

escape plan

Choosing your escape route

  • Your usual way in and out of your home is the best escape route
  • Always choose a second escape route in case your first choice is blocked
  • Keep all exits clear of obstructions
  • Think about any difficulties you may have getting out, for example you may need to use a torch at night
  • If there are children, older or disabled people or pets, plan how you will get them out

Take refuge in a safe place if you are unable to escape

  • The first priority is to get everyone out of the building. If you are unable to escape you will need to find a room to take refuge in
  • This is particularly important if you experience difficulty in moving around or going downstairs in your own

Be key smart

  • Make sure everyone knows where the door and window keys are kept
  • keep the keys in the correct place at all times

If you live in a flat remember the following when making your escape plan

  • The lift will be out of action if there is a fire. Choose an escape route that does not require the lift
  • Count how many doors there on the route to get to the stairs in case you can’t find your way
  • Make sure the stairways and fire escapes are kept clear at all times and that fire doors are never locked
  • Check that you can open the doors to the stairways or escapes from both sides on a regular basis


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