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Our Fire Alarm Installation’s include Fire Alarm Panels and their Associated Devices which are designed to alert the occupants of the presence of fire at the earliest opportunity to aid in the swift evacuation and appropriate fire fighting action.

No two buildings are the same and each Fire Alarm needs to be uniquely designed to meet the needs of the premises and the potential fire risks involved. fire alarm

At Fire Safety Managers, our design team has received advanced training in Fire Alarm Installation’s and Design, enabling them to create a bespoke system unique to the building it’s meant for. This will assist in reducing false alarms and call outs.

We supply, install, service and commission fire alarms and devices in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and in line with BS5839-1:2017 (a Code of Practice published by the British Standards Institution).

The Installation Process 

 Stage 1 – Survey

Firstly, one of our Fire Alarm Design Team will visit your premises and conduct a free site survey to establish what type of system you require, by taking into account the relevant Category the system falls into.

Category M These are Manual Systems and require no Automatic Fire Detection Devices
Category L Systems The L Category Systems are designed with the intention for protection of life which is subdivided into categories below:
L1 Automatic Detection is covered in all areas throughout the building.
L2 System that is an extension of the L3 category with Automatic Detection being installed in rooms that have a high likelihood of fire starting, or a high risk to life.
L3 This system is an extension of the L4 Category with Automatic Detection being installed within the adjoining rooms / rooms that open onto escape routes.
L4 This System is installed with Automatic Detection within all Escape Routes and Circulation Areas such as Corridors and Lobbies.
L5 System is where the protected areas / location of Automatic Detection devices are designed to satisfy a specific Fire Safety objective.
Category P Systems The P Category Systems are designed with the intention for protection of Property and are divided into subcategories below:
P1 Systems installed throughout all areas of the building.
P2 Systems installed only in defined areas of the building.


Once the system category and your requirements have been established, one of the expert design team will then design you a system suitable for your premises in Accordance with the current British Standard 5839-1:2017 and the Fire Safety Order 2005.

We will then produce our proposals and a competitive quotation, and give you the best option available to meet your requirements and budget.

Stage 2 – Supply

There is a vast range of Fire Alarm Systems on the market today but we only supply good quality systems that conform to the relevant standards and are sourced from leading reputable suppliers.  This will ensure reduced or no false alarms and therefore will result in no additional costs in repairs and call out charges throughout the system’s lifetime.

We can supply and install Conventional Non Addressable Systems or Addressable Analogue Digital Systems, Hard Wired or Wireless Systems depending on your requirements.  

We only supply open protocol systems ensuring that the customer is able to employ any Fire Alarm Servicing Company, rather than trapping them into a closed protocol system which may result in employing an unwanted service company in the future.

Stage 3 – Installation

Our technicians work very closely with our design team to ensure that the fire alarm installation process runs smoothly, and without any issues.  We will then install your fire alarm system with minimal disruption to your business, and to the highest possible standards.

Following the fire alarm installation, one of our technicians will provide free staff training in the operation of the fire alarm panel. This will enable the operator to carry out their weekly tests and checks with minimal disruption to the company’s routine.

Stage 4 – Commissioning

Our Commissioning Fire Technician will then carry out the commissioning of your fire panel and associated devices. This is carried out to ensure we test every detail, element, and the system as a whole, to make sure it works and matches the specified design and installation criteria.

Once this work has been carried out will we sign off and supply a commissioning certificate for the project.

All our installation work complies with British Standards 5839-1:2017.

You can then sign up to one of our maintenance packages so you can be sure that the fire alarm system is looked after by the company that installed it.

Contact one of our design team and they will assist you with some options that are best to suit you. Click through to the Contact page here or give us a call on 0121 439 1220


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