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Do you remember the lessons you had at school where someone came in and taught you about fire safety? About how to prevent a fire from happening in your home? About the things you should do, if you were ever in a fire, to get out alive? Me neither.

educationThe lack of awareness especially among children and young adults today to do with fire safety is very surprising. A lot of people don’t even know the basics. You’d think the education system would find some importance in teaching and providing fire safety information to enable children and young people to prevent, detect and escape from fire.

Fire is the second leading cause for accident deaths in children 0-15 with over 1,200 children dying in a fire annually; on top of that there is an estimated 2,900 injuries annually from house fires. Studies show that children started 30% of fires that have resulted in the death of a child. Why take the risk of letting this be your child?


Until the government decide to recognize the need of educating children properly about how to be safe, it’s down to us to make a priority of teaching ourselves the information we need to know and the education of saving lives and staying safe.  education

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