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Fire Extinguishers

Operating from our Head Office in Birmingham, we can survey, supply, install, service and maintain all types of fire extinguishers for all manner of buildings and premises. We will ensure that the correct type for usage is installed, and only use high quality products from the UK’s leading manufacturers.

All our work complies with the British Standards BS5306-3:2009 and BS5306-8:2012.


Stage 1 – Site Survey

The first stage is to establish the type of building, what work is carried out and the floor measurements to identify the specific fire risks involved, so we are able to give the correct advice.

Throughout the site survey, we will assess your needs in line with the British Standards. Once this has been completed, we can then put together a proposal and the best quotation available, which will suit your requirements and budget.

We can assist in;

  • a complete new installation for a new building
  • additions to your existing fire equipment
  • making modifications to ensure full functionality

Stage 2 – Supply

There are over 42 different types of fire extinguisher on the market today, however, only five of those are the most common.

Water                                  Class A Fires only

Foam (AFFF)                    Class A & B

ABC Powder                       Class A, B, C & Electrical Risks

CO2                                       Class B and Electrical Risks

Wet Chemical                     Class A, B & F


We only use high quality products that have been manufactured in the UK & Europe; have the British Standard seal of approval; and are Kitemarked. We will establish within the site survey, which of these extinguishers are the correct types to use for the fire risk involved, and in which location they should be installed, to ensure full effectiveness and efficiency.

We will supply you with good quality fire extinguishers at online prices from our E-Commerce Site ‘FSM Online’ where you will find extremely competitively priced products.

Stage 3 – Commission

This stage is a requirement of the British Standards, and is essential to ensure that the fire extinguisher will carry out its duties to its full effectiveness.

Our qualified technician will need to carry out the commissioning stage before he can proceed to carry out the installation procedure.

On completion of the commissioning stage, a commissioning certificate will be completed.

Stage 4 – Installation

We will then proceed with the fire extinguisher installation with minimal disruption to your business. All extinguishers need to have the relevant signage installed above them, describing which classes of fire they extinguish.

Our BAFE trained and qualified technician will carry out his work to the highest standards.

We also offer a full selection of ancillary products such as trolleys, stands, cabinets and covers to suit all building designs and budgets. Please speak to one of our sales consultants who will provide you with further information.

In addition we will also complete a full asset register of your equipment which is available for your records at your request. This will include all locations, service dates, makes and models of all your fire extinguisher types.

Stage 5 – Servicing & Maintenance

Now your fire extinguishers have been successfully installed, we can offer you a variety of maintenance packages to suit your requirements and budget. Please see our maintenance page.

Fire extinguishers must be suitably maintained and serviced by a BAFE trained and competent technician every year, in accordance with the British Codes of Practices.

We will ensure that you are reminded of this a little before they are due, and take the responsibility out of your hands.