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Supporting our Local Community at Fire Safety Managers we not only reinvest some of our profits into fire safety in the community. We also like to get involved in charity events, creating awareness and educating people in fire safety, donating to charities and raising money by fundraising.

We are in the process of setting up these pages to do just that, so please bear with us whilst this is ‘under construction’  In the meantime you can visit our Fundraising Page by clicking on the image below and if you wish to donate to any of the charities, please follow the individual links or give our fundraising team a call.

We are a fire safety company with a social objective. A % of our profits go to fire safety victims, charities or projects in the community, or gets reinvested into the business to assist with growth and provide employment opportunities within the community for office staff, engineers or trainers. We operate as a normal Fire Safety Company, but we do it with a clear objective of Supporting our Local Community and Bringing Awareness in the Importance of Fire Safety within our Homes. 

Similarly if you have a fundraising idea that you would like us to be involved in or wish to donate into our pot for the fire victims or other projects then please give us a call on 0121 439 1220 and ask for Paul. If we are able to get involved we will be happy to do so.

Keep checking back for more content and information……