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Two Children Die in Birmingham House Fire


Most of us have read or heard by now about the devastating house fire in Hamstead, Birmingham on Friday 28th October 2016, where 2 young children lost their lives after being cut tragically short by a fire.

Firstly, we want to offer our deepest condolences to the mother and to anyone else who has been affected by this tragic incident.

The police are saying they are in the early stages of an investigation and understanding what happened so we hope they can piece together what happened and bring those to justice (if anyone is criminally responsible) and peace to the families affected.

I am sure all who read this blog or the news are deeply affected by this tragic loss of life, children who have not even begun living their lives. Any dreams they had of being older have been torn away from them. The hopes and aspirations their mother or other family members had for them have been taken away.

As we do not know the full facts of the fire we are to keep an open mind and not presume anything that is not fact.

What I will say though is this strengthens my belief that Fire Safety should be taught to all young children through schools or after school workshops. Then just maybe if these two children were confident in their ability to stay safe or escape a fire, they may have been able to save their own lives.

Teaching children fire safety techniques will not only bring awareness to the importance of keeping their home safe from a fire but also give them some confidence in how to act if they are caught in a fire and unable to escape. There are a number of little things children could do to stay safe if trapped that may just give them a few extra minutes to stay alive whilst the fire service do their best to get them out.

After a personal experience of a house fire when I was a child (you can see my story through video below) and all the needless fatalities of adults and children over the last 30 years I have a strong passion to bring fire safety awareness to the forefront through my company Fire Safety Managers Ltd.


We are a Social Enterprise that operates as any other fire safety company, servicing fire equipment, to self sustain our business and ultimately our social mission and objectives which are –

  • To bring awareness to the importance of fire safety in our homes within UK communities and ensure all houses are fitted with smoke detectors
  • To better educate children within schools the importance of staying safe from fire through dedicated fire safety workshops given in schools by our fire safety trainers at no cost to the school
  • To assist families that lose everything in a devastating fire replace their essential items


After working within the fire protection industry for the last 16 years, I set up the company 2 years ago, with my fellow director Stephen Bennett, with our own money and have been self sustaining the business without any Government grants or funding. We are passionate about our social mission and ensuring the business side of our social enterprise will continue to grow to support our training workshops so we can keep it at no cost to schools.

We can only do this if businesses around the West Midlands and beyond employ us to look after their fire safety so we can generate profits to self sustain our social mission and ensure that we can try and save someone’s life through education before its too late.

All companies need to use a fire company to look after their fire safety equipment so why not use Fire Safety Managers Ltd where you have the additional benefit of contributing to your Corporate Social Responsibility (if you have one) and helping our company educate adults and children in fire safety in their homes.

The main problem I have continually come across in the last 2 years is that no one really thinks or cares about fire safety until its too late. It is always the same thought process of ‘it is not going to happen to me and if it does I will deal with it then.’ Trouble is it will more than likely be too late and you may have lost everything and even worse, someone close to you could have perished.

Nowadays, it does not cost a lot to have smoke detectors fitted in your homes or fire blankets in your kitchens and in fact it costs nothing to research and educate yourselves about fire safety. You can visit our website by clicking here for FREE information, tips and guidance on fire safety in your home.

By clicking here you can even take our FREE quiz on fire safety in the home to see how well you know about it.

Do not leave it too late before you do something about your own fire safety, too many families go through tragedy of other kinds in life but fire safety is something we can all do something about BEFORE it happens to you!!

If you have a strong passion for fire safety and can help us with our social mission please get in touch on 0121 439 1220 or email to have a discussion.

Helping to Save Lives BEFORE they Need Saving